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When it co­mes to "uni­que and cost-ef­fecti­ve” In­centi­ve Tra­vel, the­re is no mo­re re­li­ab­le part­ner than AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL. Ca­reful­ly ta­ilor-ma­de prog­rams comp­le­ment and sup­port the go­als of our cli­ents, co­up­led with stra­tegic thin­king that en­ri­ches bonds bet­we­en pe­ers, de­velops mo­tiva­ti­on and re­awa­kens in­di­vidu­al as­pi­rati­on. AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL can or­ga­nize your se­minars, me­eting ve­nu­es, ext­ra­vagant in­centi­ves and held it in world top ho­tels or cast­les, on the se­asi­de or mo­un­ta­ins.

We pla­ce gre­at im­portan­ce on the de­velop­ment of a clo­se re­lati­ons­hip with cli­ents and pri­de our­selves on the le­vel of ser­vi­ce and per­so­nal at­tenti­on we are ab­le to af­ford. This app­ro­ach enab­les us to iden­ti­fy spe­ci­al ne­eds and re­qu­ire­ments as well as as­sess in­di­vidu­al in­vest­ment ob­jecti­ves.

When it co­mes to of­fe­ring the best in ser­vi­ce, Akz­hol Tra­vel en­su­res that no de­ta­il is over­lo­oked, no mat­ter how mi­nor the re­qu­ire­ment is.

Akz­hol Tra­vel has a spe­ci­al­ly tra­ined te­am to ca­ter to your MI­CE re­qu­ire­ments in the. Our spect­rum of MI­CE sup­port ser­vi­ces is fle­xib­le and adap­table for any cus­tom de­sig­ned pac­ka­ge.

Al­ma­ty has be­en the air and ra­il­way hub for for ma­ny years now. It al­so has a long ex­hi­biti­on and con­fe­ren­ce tra­diti­on, and has now be­come one of the re­gi­on’s most ex­ci­ting con­fe­ren­ce des­ti­nati­ons as well as an inc­re­asing­ly po­pular cho­ice for in­terna­ti­onal or­ga­niza­ti­ons, as­so­ci­ations and me­eting plan­ners to hold events.

Nur-Sul­tan, at the cross­ro­ads of Asia, Si­beria and Euro­pe, is the clo­sest ci­ty to the ge­og­raphi­cal cen­ter of. As­ta­na has al­re­ady be­come the spi­ritu­al me­eting po­int of the world’s re­ligi­ons, ma­king Nur-Sul­tan and a uni­que glo­bal me­eting po­int of fre­edom and to­leran­ce.

Akz­hol Tra­vel of­fers ide­al tra­vel so­luti­ons for your bu­siness ne­eds. Our de­dica­ted te­am of tra­vel con­sultants is ava­ilab­le to as­sist and of­fer you con­ve­ni­ent, eco­nomi­cal and hass­le-free op­ti­ons. From do­mes­tic and in­terna­ti­onal air­fa­re to ho­tel re­ser­va­ti­ons and ve­hic­le and dri­ver ren­tal, we pro­vide va­lue-ad­ded ser­vi­ces and be­nefit that let you simp­ly sit back and re­lax.

Akz­hol Tra­vel ma­kes your tra­vel easy by of­fe­ring a full ran­ge of tra­vel ser­vi­ces in and the Cent­ral Asi­an co­unt­ri­es.
Akz­hol Tra­vel of­fers a wi­de ran­ge of ser­vi­ces in the area of or­ga­nizing the­matic bu­siness events in Nur-Sul­tan, Al­ma­ty and a num­ber of ot­her ci­ti­es in, as well as ser­vi­ces pro­vided to con­fe­ren­ce par­ti­cipants and gu­ests. The­se inc­lu­de bo­oking ho­tel ro­oms, lod­ging in the best ho­tels of the ci­ty, ar­ranging trans­por­ta­ti­on, or­ga­nizing to­urs, sigh­tse­eing trips and ot­her bu­siness ser­vi­ces.


The bo­un­da­ri­es of bu­siness are ra­pid­ly di­mini­shing and ex­tensi­ve bu­siness tra­vel is the norm of the day. We are all abo­ut ta­king the bo­redom out of the bo­ard­ro­om. Akz­hol Tra­vel of­fers turn­key MI­CE sup­port ser­vi­ces, ta­ilo­red to me­et each cli­ent’s ne­eds.


As the cor­po­rate cul­tu­re ta­kes on new di­men­si­ons and emp­lo­yee mo­tiva­ti­on and in­centi­ves ga­in mo­re im­portan­ce, or­ga­niza­ti­ons aro­und the world are lo­oking for mo­re ex­ci­ting des­ti­nati­ons. Com­bi­ning his­to­ry and the pre­sent, att­rac­ting by be­ing clo­se to na­ture with mo­dern arc­hi­tec­tu­re, be­comes ex­cellent in­centi­ve cho­ice.

Akz­hol Tra­vel spe­ci­ali­zes in ma­king each in­centi­ve to­ur an un­forget­table ex­pe­ri­en­ce by de­sig­ning cre­ati­ve and cost ef­fecti­ve prog­rams that su­it each cli­ent. We sup­port the go­als of our cli­ents and of­fer so­luti­ons that en­co­ura­ge stra­tegic thin­king and de­velop mo­tiva­ti­on among com­pa­ny staff.


Even as mul­ti­nati­onal cor­po­rati­ons are lo­oking for bet­ter op­portu­niti­es and new ve­nu­es to un­ve­il new ven­tu­res or dis­cuss new ide­as, Akz­hol Tra­vel has de­vised ser­vi­ces that cre­ate the per­fect at­mosp­he­re for a he­alt­hy and pro­duc­ti­ve exc­han­ge of ide­as.

So whet­her it is an in­terna­ti­onal con­fe­ren­ce or a se­minar that you pro­pose to ha­ve, we can as­sist you with the most ef­fi­ci­ent ser­vi­ces to ma­ke it ef­fecti­ve.

Ex­hi­biti­ons in As­ta­na, Al­ma­ty and ot­her ci­ti­es in Ka­zakh­stan

En­co­ura­ging the eco­nomic growth, ma­jor ci­ti­es of hold in­terna­ti­onal ex­hi­biti­ons and tra­de shows in the re­gi­on. In­dust­ri­es ran­ging from tra­vel and to­urism (KITF) to Oil & Gas (KI­OGE), IT (KI­TEL), bu­il­ding (Kaz­Bu­ild) ha­ve all be­come a part of in­terna­ti­onal event ca­len­dar.

MI­CE Sup­port Ser­vi­ces

Event Ma­teri­al

  • Con­cept and de­sign of spe­ci­al the­mes;
  • De­sign and pro­duc­ti­on of de­lega­te fol­ders and han­do­uts;
  • Pro­duct la­unc­hes and spe­ci­al pro­moti­ons.

Event/Con­fe­ren­ce Fa­cili­tati­on

  • Se­lec­ting the Mas­ter of Ce­remo­ni­es;
  • Re­gist­ra­ti­on;
  • Te­am bu­il­ding ac­ti­viti­es;
  • Si­mul­ta­ne­ous trans­la­ti­on ser­vi­ces.

Spe­ci­al Ef­fects and Ar­range­ments

  • Bri­efing for se­lec­ted supp­li­er;
  • Ma­naging sta­ge cons­truc­ti­on and back drops;
  • As­sistan­ce in de­sig­ning ex­hi­biti­on stands.

Gu­est Ma­nage­ment

  • Ar­ranging ho­tel ac­commo­dati­on;
  • Spe­ci­al check-in with wel­co­me drink;
  • Wel­co­me packs in ro­oms;
  • Pil­low gifts;
  • Ro­om drop-offs such as re­min­ders, iti­nera­ri­es etc.;
  • Ad­di­ti­onal spe­ci­al ar­range­ments (In­ternet con­necti­on in ro­om etc.).

Tra­vel Ma­nage­ment

  • Flight ar­range­ment;
  • Air­port me­et and as­sist;
  • Vi­sa as­sistan­ce;
  • Air­port trans­fers;
  • Spe­ci­al li­mo­usi­ne ser­vi­ces;
  • Car ren­tal;
  • Air­port exe­cuti­ve lo­un­ge ar­range­ment;
  • Mo­bile ren­tal ser­vi­ces;
  • and ex­cursi­ons.

Now, whe­never you go on a bu­siness trip to Ka­zakh­stan or ab­ro­ad, le­ave all the plan­ning to us.

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