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VIP-service am Flughafen

VIP lo­un­ges at ma­ke ma­ximum com­fort of wa­iting for the flight and un­dergo­ing or­ga­niza­ti­onal, cus­toms and bor­der for­ma­liti­es for pas­sengers of that spe­ci­al ca­tego­ry.

High qua­lity ser­vi­ce, et­hics and at­tenti­on are the things we can ple­ase and che­er up our pas­sengers with be­fore a flight or af­ter it.

A se­para­te check-in desk as well as se­para­te po­ints of se­curi­ty check, cus­toms and bor­der cont­rol will help you to un­dergo pref­light pro­cedu­res wit­ho­ut wa­ist of ti­me.

An ex­cellent bar, with wi­de cho­ice of drinks, cab­le TV, news­pa­pers and ma­gazi­nes are at your ser­vi­ce.

Char­ming staff of VIP lo­un­ge cont­rol do­cuments and bag­ga­ge hand­ling from the mo­ment of a pas­senger ap­pe­aran­ce in VIP do­ors up to the airc­raft.

If it is ne­ces­sa­ry to open an in­co­ming vi­sa, the on­ly thing you sho­uld do is to wa­it for 10 mi­nutes, for examp­le, to drink a cup of fla­vored cof­fee, and our staff will car­ry out all the for­ma­liti­es.

«VIP Es­cort» ser­vi­ce — is de­live­ry of pas­sengers by car to the airc­raft!

Motysheva Anara Motysheva Anara
mob.: +7 777 225 4037
Skype: Anara. Motysheva
language: englisch

Mukasheva Elmira Mukasheva Elmira
tourism supervisor
mob.: +7 701 357 6171
skype: akzholt
language: english

Gabdulina Assiya Gabdulina Assiya
senior manager
mob.: +7 777 235 3979

Arystankulova Aida Arystankulova Aida
ticket agent
mob.: +7 777 398 0677
Skype: Arystankulova
language: french

Myrzabay Tolganay
ticket agent
моб.: +7 708 162 30 40

Starodumova Natalya Starodumova Natalya
outgoing manager
tel.:+7 272 3560377
mob.: +7 707 526 7686
ICQ: 402197954
language: eng