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Just in bri­ef abo­ut ’’AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL’’

’’AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL’’ has be­en es­tabli­shed in 1998 and be­come one of le­ading com­pa­ni­es of the to­urist mar­ket.

To­day ’’AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL’’ — stab­le, dy­nami­cal­ly de­velo­ping tra­vel agen­cy. The­re are pro­fes­si­onals on the top and te­am mem­bers of the com­pa­ny, who are ex­pe­ri­en­ced in to­urism fi­eld. Our emp­lo­yees are qua­lifi­ed ope­rators and ma­nagers, gu­ides and the co­or­di­nators. They pro­vide you the de­ta­iled in­forma­ti­on on any tra­vel re­qu­est and will help you to ma­ke a cor­rect cho­ice in gre­at va­ri­ety of pos­si­bili­ti­es, to plan your ti­me, to use it with the ma­ximum be­nefit for you. ’’AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL’’ pro­vides comp­le­te comp­lex of to­urist ser­vi­ces at the hig­hest le­vel, cons­tan­tly ex­tending ran­ge of of­fers and cre­ating the new le­vels of ser­vi­cing. The­re are di­rect cont­racts with world top ho­tels, the lar­gest world cru­ise firms, air­li­nes and in­co­ming com­pa­ni­es in ma­ny co­unt­ri­es.


We draw your at­tenti­on to fe­atu­res of the lo­cal mar­ket, con­si­dering dis­tinc­ti­ons of le­gis­la­tive ba­se, cul­tu­ral de­velop­ment and tech­no­logi­cal pos­si­bili­ti­es.

Our pos­si­bili­ti­es in pro­viding ser­vi­ces in to­urism are ba­sed on a wi­de ex­pe­ri­en­ce in work in to­urist bu­siness in the. Ta­king in­to con­si­dera­ti­on pe­culi­ari­ti­es of each co­unt­ry and un­ders­tan­ding mar­ket subt­le­ti­es on tra­vel or­ga­niza­ti­on, using know­ledge, re­ce­ived on in­terna­ti­onal tra­inings and se­minars, we gu­aran­tee the high le­vel of ser­vi­ce cor­respon­ding with world stan­dards in the in­dust­ry of to­urism.

"AKZ­HOL TRA­VEL” is a mem­ber of Ka­zakh­stan To­urist As­so­ci­ation (КТА) and the In­terna­ti­onal As­so­ci­ation of the Air trans­port (IATA) sin­ce 2004г. Our Sta­te Li­cen­se № 0003269 da­ted from 06.06.07г. We are the cons­tant par­ti­cipant of the in­terna­ti­onal to­urist ex­hi­biti­ons: ITB (), World Tra­vel Mar­ket (WTM — Lon­don), JA­TA World Tra­vel Fa­ir (), MITT (Mos­cow), KITF (Al­ma­ty).

Cur­rent­ly, mo­re than 700 com­pa­ni­es en­joy our ser­vi­ces, be­ing in­volved with qua­lity and re­li­abi­lity of our work. Any tra­vel in­qui­ry can be wor­ked out on cli­ents ne­eds and wi­shes – let it be bud­get gro­up ex­cursi­on prog­ram or ta­ilor ma­de to­ur, or­ga­niza­ti­on and as­sistan­ce in hol­ding con­fe­ren­ces or in­centi­ve to­ur, vi­siting sport event or show.

Cons­tant to­urism mar­ke­ting al­lows to pro­vide not on­ly "stan­dard” to­urs, but al­so to de­velop new, in­te­res­ting prog­rams. To as­su­re one of the im­portant cri­teri­ons "the pri­ce – the qua­lity” we cons­tan­tly en­large ran­ge of our ser­vi­ces.

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