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The lost suitcases of tourists sell at auctions
The British experts have counted up that annually at the airports of the country air passengers lose 2,5 million bags and suitcases. Approximately 85 % of luggage within 48 hours come back to the owners, but thousand bags, in cost more than 11 million dollars disappear in an airport belly completely, writes The Telegraph. Every day in one only the airports of Great Britain of 7000 bags are loaded not on those flights with which their owners fly. And in the world daily vanishes about 90 thousand suitcases. Annually 13 % of all passengers who have visited these air ports irrevocably vanish in the airports of Scotland of 70 thousand units of luggage, have lost the bags. Interrogation of tourists has shown that 54 % of the suffered travellers consider loss by a consequence of a banal error, 17 % think that their luggage have mixed and other passengers have taken away, and 12 % believe that them have robed. What occurs to suitcases which it is not possible to return to owners at once? They go to the Center of the lost luggage which is in American state Alabama. This huge terminal occupies almost 4 square kilometres. But even in such huge territory all suitcases ever lost by airlines and loaders of the airports cannot go in. In the Center of the lost luggage grandiose sales of suitcases, bags, mountain-skiing equipment and the every possible cargoes which owners and have not addressed for the things are spent. Annually through the Center passes about one million units of the gone luggage. In the unique way not to lose valuable things together with a suitcase there is today a possibility to take all the most expensive with itself in plane salon. However norms of transportation of carry-on baggage decrease monthly, except that, transportation of liquids, and in certain cases and expensive equipment is possible only in luggage. What to do, if at airport of destination the tourist has found out, what its suitcase the airline «has played»? First, it is necessary to write the application for a luggage non-arrival under the established form which it is possible to take from the employee of the airport. It is necessary to save the ticket and luggage labels. Secondly, On the international lines it is necessary to receive the similar commercial certificate — listing faylau avia company. Thirdly, luggage search passes within 21 days for all flights, be they internal or international. If in 3 weeks a suitcase have not found, it is necessary to direct to the airline address complains statement, the Commercial certificate, the air ticket, a luggage label and if is, the document certifying the caused damage, for the permission of a question on indemnification. more »


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