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A night journey is a party in the most popular bars and nightclubs of Almaty
Five hours VIP journey to the bars and nightclubs A bar with the best cocktail menu and bar, live music. A bar with live rock music. A new glamorous night club. A nightclub with dancing in a bar. Afterparty, earlybreakfastoptional. Termsandconditions: OnlyFridayandSaturday. Ageof 21+. Dress code: casual. No sports suit and slippers allowed. Reserve tables and items order from the menu list be paid separately. Time of the five hours program: from 23–00 (11:00 pm) to 04–00 (4:00 am). Applicationsareaccepteduntill 9:30 pm Jump into the night atmosphere ofwide-awake Almaty with our guide-interpreter.Hit the floor in the best clubs! Yournighttripasstarted right from the meeting at 11:30 with our guide-interpreter and guide-driver near your Hotel. You will be accompanied by our guide interpreter and enter the clubs as a VIP without the need to queue anditsfree of charge. Ourfirstvenueisfamousforitswiderangecocktails. Most of the ingredients-tinctures,liquors,syrups-our barmen develop and preparesthemselve towards giving you the best service. The secondvenuebelongstotheworldwidechainof bars and restaurants. This place has livemusic including the best DJs in Almaty. You will be covered with the Rock style music and its exploringatmosphere.If you are the fancier of night life, you must visit this place. You’ll be surprised with wide range of cocktails and alcohol drinks. Thethirdvenueisaplacewhere you will experiencehanging outwith ourgoldenyouth, professional Go-Go dancers on a bar counter, stylish, fancy, glamorous and incredibly beautiful girls, it is oneofthemostexpensiveandpatheticclub in Almaty. Further along the routeis afreaky place with young and crazy clubbist. You’ll be glad to become a VIP guest and go through the crowd with no need to queue. Unreal atmosphere of high day, live music and DJ makes this place unforgettable. Alsoyouwillgototheclub, withthegirlsdancingonabarcounter,not just professional Go-Go dancers, as well as casual visitors of this place. This is a unique place that is completely different from the others, and on the second floor are 7 independent bars including their owners and its special atmosphere. Please take into account that sequenceof our venues can be changed and we can add new places in the trip. Also might be some deviations on route. After the journey we will drop you off at your Hotel appartment and dry. The following services are included in the cost: Free entrance to all establishments. Car or bus with a guide driver and a guide interpreter. Dancingandcheerfulcommunication. WelcomeDrink. Club management reserve the right to expel anyone from the club who had strong consumption of alcohol or acting aggressive. More details attached. more »

Lost in Kazakhstan
Find out more about our Central Asia adventure here: bit.ly/2eyDYny From the futuristic sceneries of the glass skyscrapers of Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan and the new Dubai of Central Asia, to the dreamy landscapes of Lake Issyk. From the Big Almaty lake, to Shymbulak, from Pik Talgar, the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, up to Charyn, a desert canyon of red rocks carved over the centuries from the rush of water during the ice age. The majestic mountains of Kazakhstan, the turquoise alpine lakes which like crystal clear mirrors reflect a sky of dreams, the red arena of the deserts and the coral stones of the Charyn canyon, create a unique spectacle that not many people know about yet and that will leave you breathless. For the very first time two bloggers Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev document the magical sceneries of Kazakhstan and the luxuries of a vibrant city like Almaty, one of the pearls of Central Asia yet to be discovered. more »

Review of our client
Dobroje utro Asja! Mi vtsera uspeshno pribili do doma i otsen dovolnie sto videli,i dashe to sto nashi tsumodani esjo v Kieve i sdjom ih sevodnja,nastrojenie otlishnoe. Spasibo Asja za organisatsiu tura i vsjo bila otsen Ok,voditel Dima prosto super i toshe nashi 2 giida.Teper dalshe na rabotu i s horoshimi emotsiami ot tuura i pt ludei i o strane Kasahstan. Dershim svjas!!! more »

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