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Review of our tourist

We had a great time in K., and the hotel, Brimjan and [guide] were very good to us.
The Expo itself was more than we could have hoped for – and we managed to fill all our time there with interesting things to see and do.

Brimjan is a most conscientious, punctual, reliable and friendly driver – we were never kept waiting and he was always very helpful and thoughtful.

On arrival it was clear that Kazzhol was not appropriate for a wheelchair user – with a flight of 12 or so steps to get into reception.
This did cause us some consternation on arrival, but by the time we had returned from the city tour, the hotel staff had begun construction of a ramp!
For the rest of the week when we needed to leave the hotel and on return several staff were summoned to help to get Cassandra in her wheelchair up and down the ramp (which was too steep to do alone).
We thought the effort the hotel made for us was outstanding – and above and beyond what we would expect elsewhere.

All of your travel arrangements went off without a hitch too.

All in all – a great success – so thank you very much for your patience and efforts.

Cassandra and Mike

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