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Charyn canyon


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Charyn canyon is an amazing creation of nature that exists for millions of years, picturesque and very diverse in geomorphologic aspects. The height of steep mountainsides reaches 150–300 meters. Numerous ravines and gullies make dense rambling net. Wind and water created stunning «Castles Valley». The length of it is more than two kilometers, the width — 20–80 meters. All along the valley you are surrounded by towers of fantastical forms, built of sedimentary. Their age is about 12 million years. All this time the nature was creating these architectural wonders, without haste was building the majestic castles. You may spend hours walking in this fairy tail, astonished by the inventiveness of nature! On the bottom of the canyon is roaring Charyn River. Here you will have a rest and a lunch, guide will be giving more information about the place. Tour over neighboring canyons and ridges will make unforgettable impression.

The excursion’s duration is 11 hours.


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