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Medeu (Kazakhstan)


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Medeu is the largest high-altitude winter sports complex in the world. Its ice rink is 1700 metres above sea level. Medeu is situated in the valley of the Malaya Almatinka river, 1520–1750 metres above sea level, and surrounded by mountains on all sides. With an Olimpic-size ice rink, areas for pony- and horse-riding, an amusement park, the Hotel Premier Medeu, a summer pool and an abundance of shashlyk stands, Medeu is a popular place with locals and visitors alike. The ice rink was built in 1972 in this picturesque gorge 16 km outside Almaty. The 10500-sq.m ice rink is the perfect venue for outdoor international competitions in speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey. Another must-see for tourists is the dam constructed in the Malaya Almatinka valley to protect Almaty from meltwater floods. The walk up 830 steps to the dike is highly recommended, as once you reach the top there are magnificent views of the Zaili Alatau peaks. There are planty of places to eat and stay up in the mountains.

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