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Almaty & nationalparks (Kazakhstan)


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Almaty and nationalparks

1 Day Almaty

Arrival in Almaty. Transfer to hotel. Free time. After a lunch a sightseeing tour, the largest city of Kazakhstan, till 1997, being the country capital, the Park of 28 heroes-Panfilov, is known for a glory Memorial, Memory Avenue and the Eternal Flame. On memory is more scarlet 28 granite monuments with names of 28 heroes- Panfilov who have died in fight for Moscow in the period of World War II are established. The Voznesensky Orthodox Cathedral designed by local architect Zenkov, was constructed without a single nail in 1940. The cathedral is one of nine most unique monuments of wooden structures in the world. Its wall lists and scenery of an interior strike imagination of visitors with the beauty and magnificence. That the Cathedral stood during the strongest earthquake measuring 10 points by the Richter scale in 1911 is remarkable. Further excursion to the high-mountain skating rink Medeo, it was constructed in 1972 in the gorge of the same name, in 15 km from the city. «Medeo» called «factory of records» as for 33 years on ice of a high-mountain skating rink 126 world records were established. Unique feature of the skating rink located at the height of 1700 m, in the permitted air and high quality of the ice, being provided with clear mountain water without impurity of salts. Above sport center the mud stream protection dike and a mountain-skiing complex Chimbulak are located. (breakfast).

2 Day the National park of Altyn-Emel is a mysterious, wonderful country with ancient, rich history and the unique nature. Closer to a lunch arrival in the settlement of Basshy. Excursion to Singing barkhans — sandy mountains from quartzite have height more than 120 meters and last on 4 km. The barkhan doesn’t wander on the plain, despite unsteadiness of sand and strong winds, and there are on a place already some millenia. Placement in hotel (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


3 Day Kolsay lakes — pearls of northern Tien Shan, the cascade from three lakes, 113 km. from Almaty.

Departure on the First lake — it was stretched of 1 km at height 1818 m. Average lake the biggest and beautiful is in 5 km from the first lake (2252 m).

Upper Kolsay is in 4 km further and 600 m higher.

Return to Satty. Accommodation in the guest house. (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

4 Day Charyn Canyon of-192 km. from Almaty

Charyn’s landscape amazingly reminds American Grand Canyon and has depth from 150 to 300 meters.

Return to Almaty. Accommodation in hotel (a breakfast, lunch).

5 Day Transfer to airport

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