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Altyn Emel (Kazakhstan)


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Altyn Emel National Park, the largest reserve of Kazakhstan is located on the western spurs of a ridge Dzungarian Alatau. The area of 460000 hectares is intended for preservation of rare kinds of animals and plants. Here it is possible to take pleasure in a unique kind of multi-coloured mountains of Aktau, sandy mountains Katutau. There are few historical monuments on the territory of the park — Scythian the funeral barrows — Bes-Shatyr dated in 1-st millennium up to AD and Tamgaly-Tas with ancient rock drawings settle down some, earliest of which carry to 16–14 centuries up AD. Here, on the right to coast of the river Ili there is a well-known Singing Barkhan.

Being sent on a safari you will meet set of animals: the Siberian mountain goats – teke, desert gazelles – jeirans, Asiatic wild asses – kulans, mountain rams – arhars, wolves, foxes, such birds as the golden eagle, a mountain partridge – kekliks and many others, the majority from which are brought in World and Kazakhstan Red Books.

The excursion’s duration is 11 hours.

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