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Almaty -Aralsk-Turkestan-Aksu-Jabagly-Taraz-Astana (Kazakhstan)


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Almaty-Aralsk -Turkestan-Aksu-Zhabagly-Taraz-Astana

1Day the Sightseeing tour across Almaty and small Almaty gorge. The city of Almaty was stretched at the bottom of ridges of Zailiysky Ala Tau at height 700–900M above sea level, occupies the space of 250 sq.km, the population about 1, 5 million people. According to the unique site — in a necklace of emerald-blue mountains with snow-covered tops, to a peculiar architectural shape and the picturesque green job specification Almaty is the international tourist center of Kazakhstan. During excursion you will visit the historical center Almaty, visit park of 28 guardsmen of Panfilov, the Memorial of Glory, Voznesensky cathedral, the best-known squares of the city, the old administrative center which has developed in the 30–50th years of the 20th, other parks of the city. You will get acquainted with an architectural complex of a main square of Kazakhstan – name is Republic, the Independence monument. Further lifting to the small Almaty gorge, will get acquainted with Medeo — the world’s largest high-mountain skating rink. It is in the natural boundary of the same name at the height of 1700 meters above sea level in a river valley Small Almatinka, and it is surrounded from all directions with ridges. The attention of tourists is drawn also by a dike erected behind a skating rink for protection against mudflows. From there the magnificent panorama on mountain tops (830 steps) opens. At will it is possible to rise and by a dike. Behind a dike at the height of 2200 m the ski resort Shymbulak is above sea level located. 16:30–17:00 Return to the city.

2 Day Departure of flight to Kyzylorda, a transfer on railway station, the train to Aralsk.

3 Day Arrival of the train in Aralsk, transfer and accommodation in the guest house.

Excursion to «A cemetery of the ships» and in a fishing museum, there it is possible to see fishing tackles in 50–60 years of 20 century, still nearby there is one fishing ship which was reconstructed, there it is possible to take a walk in the ship as to rise upward by the deck, and watch the short documentary film about fishery on Small Aral. (breakfast)

4 Day Transfer to railways station, the train Aralsk – Turkestan

Transfer and accommodation in hotel Turkestan or Yassa (breakfast)

5 Day Acquaintance and survey of an architectural complex of the XIV century of the mausoleum of H.A.Yassavi, which represents the largest pearl in a necklace of the ancient Kazakhstan cities. Transfer on the station, train departure Turkestan — Aksu-Zhabagla. Tyulkubas-Aksu-Zhabagly transfer. (breakfast)

6 Day Whole-day excursion to Kshi-Kainda’s falls – automobile, pedestrian or horse one-day excursion. The most demanded natural route of the region. Extent – 12 km. Full board.

7 Day Aksu and Tayak-Salda’s Canyon. Automobile excursion 28 km long one way. Descent on foot in Aksu’s canyon (300 meters) and lifting. Full board.

8 Day Transfer to Taraz. Sightseeing tour a sightseeing tour with visit

mausoleums Karakhana, Davutbeka, Aisha — Bibi, Babadzhi-Hatun, a panorama of Talass fight.

Flight departure Taraz-Astana. Transfer and accommodation in hotel Arthotel Astana (breakfast)

9 Day Sightseeing tour around the city «History and the present of the new capital» with visit the Astana — Bayterek Complex the Unique construction is a symbol of Astana. At the height of 97 meters which the observation deck is located and from height of bird’s flight you can see a panorama of the new capital of Kazakhstan under construction. The entertaining center «Duman» — dome space, an oceanarium and a cinema hall. In a dome hall you will see: Mausoleum H.A.Yassaui, Great Wall, Galikarnassky mausoleum, Statue of Liberty and many other things. In unique aqua theatre is possible to observe interesting sea show, to see a number of floating sharks. In a cinema hall capacity of a sound and special glasses allow the audience to feel in the center of the events occurring on the screen. The ethno-memorial complex "Map of Kazakhstan «Atameken» Represents a museum open-air where prototypes of the main objects of 14 areas of Kazakhstan and the cities of Almaty and Astana, executed in a miniature are provided

10 Day Transfer to the airport, a flight departure home.

Cost in tenge per pax:

2 Pax – 270600 tenge

4 Pax — 230660 tenge

6 Pax — 192852 tenge

Included in cost:

- Two way transfers airport-hotel -airport

- Accomodation in-hotel Art Astana Hotel 3 *, Yassa or Turkestan, hotel Kazzhol.

- Excursions according to the program

- Guide services and transfer according to the program.

- Astana-Kyzylorda aviaflight

- Accommodation in the guest house — Aralsk, Aksu-Zhabagla

- railway tickets of Kyzylorda-Aralsk-Turkestan (1 place in a 4-seater compartment)

- 1 night in hotel Turkestan-2 *

- entrance ticketsaccording to the program

Not included in cost:

- international air tickets

- visa support

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