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Almaty -Aralsk-Turkestan-Aksu-Jabagly-Shymkent-Astana (Kazakhstan)


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Almaty-Aralsk-Turkestan-Aksu-Zhabagly-Shymkent -Astana

Day 1. After your arrival in Almaty you will be picked up from the airport and brought to the hotel.Today you will discover Almaty, the former Alma Ata, on a city tour. Immerse yourself in the lively streets and courtyards of the city, going through the beautiful Panfilovs’ Park, where young and old meet. In the middle of the park there is the Orthodox Cathedral, which was built by the architect Zenkov. Then drive to Medeo, where you will visit the speed skating and bandy track. It is located close to Almaty. Surrounded by high mountain peaks, there is one of the most famous speed skating rinks in the world. So far, over 190 world speed skating records have been set here. (B)

Day 2. Today you will fly to Kyzylorda. Upon arrival in Kyzylorda, you will go to the train station, where you will have a train ride to Aralsk. When you arrive in Aralsk you will be transferred to an inn where you will spend the night today. (B, D).

Day 3. We have planned an excursion to the Aral Sea for you today. With an original extension of around 68,000 km², the Aral Sea used to be the fourth largest inland lake on earth. Due to the continental climate, semi-desert and desert weather conditions prevail. Afterwards you will visit the local museum. (B, L, D).

Day 4. Today you will take the train from Aralsk to Turkestan. When you arrive in Turkestan you will be transferred to the hotel**. (B, D).

Day 5. Today you will see the main attraction in Turkestan, the mausoleum Khodja Akhmed Jassawi, one of the most famous Islamic pilgrimage sites. The building complex was erected in honor of the prophet Khodja Akhmet Jassawi and is now considered one of the most beautiful and important buildings of the Timurid era. In the 35 rooms and chambers you can discover historical treasures. There is also a Friday mosque and ancient bathhouse. In the afternoon, the train journey continues to another scenic highlight, the Aksu-Dzhabagly National Park.

You will be accommodated in an inn ** in Aksu-Dzhabagly (B, L, D)

Day 6. After breakfast you start a day hike through the nature reserve, which shows a rich wildlife. An English speaking guide will accompany you here. (B,L,D).

Day 7. The Aksu-Dzhabagly National Park is on today’s program. You will hike 3 to 4 hours and enjoy wonderful views. In western Tien Shan, the meadows and steppes merge into rugged mountain ranges with narrow gorges and overhanging rocky outcrops. There are deep canyons and thundering waterfalls characterize the landscape. The mostly deep blue sky is reflected in the clear mountain lakes. The national park is located at the foothills of the Talasski Alatau at an altitude of 1,100 to 4,236 meters. Rare plant and animal species such as black storks, brown bears, lynxes and the snow leopard are also at home here. Scenic highlights include the Aksu Canyon you visit, Burguluk Gorge, lakes with underground springs, stalactite caves and many more. You will have lunch today in the form of a lunch box on the way. In the evening transfer to the airport in Shymkent, where you have a flight to Astana. When you have arrived in Astana, you will be taken to the hotel. (B, L)

Day 8: After breakfast you will visit the Atameken open-air museum. Miniature models of Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea are created here on an area of ​​1.7 hectares. You will also find models of other cities and sights. Buildings from the cities of Astana and Almaty in particular are presented here. You will then visit the Astana — Baiterek tower, the symbol of the capital. The Baiterek tower symbolizes a mythological tree of life. Furthermore you will visit the «Khan Shatyr» the royal tent – big shopping mall, and also have the opportunity to buy something. The huge water landscape with an artificial river and the artificial palm trees will put you in awe. In the base of the building there are cinemas, shopping centers and cafes. (B)


Day 9: Today it is time to say goodbye. You will be brought to the airport and start your flight home.

This tour is a general offer, we can change it on your request.

However, we must reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Depending on the number of people, the transfer is carried out by car or by minibus.

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