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Highlights of Kazakhstan (National Parks ) (Kazakhstan)


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Day 1 Astana

Arrival in Astana, transfer to hotel.

Today you begin your day with a city tour with guide. Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan (from 1998), is quite a modern town in the steppe with own beauties and features. There are still many old houses stand on the right side of the river, but most places of interest of the modern, unique and popular are on the left side. (B)

Day 2 Astana

After the breakfast you will visit the open-air museum of «Atameken». The museum contains — on a territory of 1.7 hectares — the miniature models of Kazakhstan and the Kaspi sea. Some main buildings of Almaty and Astana are presented here. Besides it, you also find models of other towns. Moreover, you will see the tower «Baiterek» the landmark of the city of Astana which symbolizes a mythological life tree. After Baiterek tower, you ‘ll see «Khan Shatyr» (Royal Marquee) the biggest tent of the world, 150 m high, of solar-permeable plastic with stores, spa centre, restaurants and cinema, the Opera and other sights. Return in the hotel.

Transfer to the railway station.

Night train to Almaty.

Day 3 Almaty

Arrival in Almaty. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Today you discover Almaty, (Alma-Ata in past), the former capital of Kazakhstan — city tour with guide. Go into the busy streets and squares of the city and walk in the popular Panfilov park where Young and Old meets. In the middle of the park there is the Saint-Voznesenskiy cathedral, which was built by the famous architect Zenkov.

Day 4 Almaty – Altyn-Emel national park.

In the heart of Central Asia, 250 kilometres from Almaty and to the south of Jungar ridge, there is the biggest national park Kazakhstan, Altyn-Emel. It covers about 520,000 hectares and was opened on the 10th of April, 1996 after decision of the government and has a unique natural protective area on the right shore of the Ili river. Thus, the unique animal world and plant world could be safe. In the national park and in the dunes there are about 70 different kinds of mammals, like the Siberian Capricorn, wild deer, gazelles, Tien-Shan mountain sheep, Argali, Saiga antelopes, red wolves, foxes, Tien-Shan brown bears and the marvellous Turkmen Kulan, steppe horse. Today, about 700 people live in the national park Altyn-Emel. The lunch is in a local cafe. Accommodation in the small hotel «Altyn-Emel» or "Aigum of Kym” in the village in Basschi (B,L,D).

Day 5 Kolsay lakes

Kolsay lakes / Kolsajskije Osjora/ (3 High mountain unique lakes on the northern Tien-Shan. The area of three lakes is suited especially well for wanderings and camping tours. The lakes lie on different height and are treasures of northern Tien Shan. The lowest of all three lakes is near the Saty. Biggest and at the same time most beautiful one is on scarcely height, the Mynzhylgy, it is the middle one of three lakes. Only higher, 2850 m above sea level there is the Highest Kolsai.

You have time to enjoy Lowest and second Kolsay lake to walk around, admiring the nature around. Overnight in the guest house in the village Saty. (B,L,D)

Day 6 Charyn Canyon

Departure to the Charyn canyon, one of the exotic places to walk. Kazakh says that it is the small brother of the Grand canyon in America. The Charyn canyon goes along the river of the same name and lies around to the east of the city, close to the border to China. Huge rock formations greet the visitors every day. The national park was founded on the 23rd of February, 2004. The age of the gulch is estimated as more than 12 million years. The gulch reaches about 150m height. The most interesting part is the valley of the "castles " which length and width here is 20m, with remains of traces of the ice age. Also, there are other places worth to visit such as Turangovaya valley. A great variety of flora and faunais presented in Charyn. More than 1500 botanical species, 17 of them are critically endangered, can be found there. More than 60 mammals, more than 100 brood birds and 25 kinds of reptiles make Charyn as a home.

In the evening return to the hotel. (B,L)

Day 7 Almaty – Medeo – Koktobe

On the last day you will visit the Medeo. Famous open air skating rink Medeo (skating rink works in winter) is surrounded by high mountains. More than 190 world records were set up to now in this skating rink. On the return way you can enjoy the panorama of the city from Kok-Tobe mountain, where also you can see monument for "Beatles”. Koktobe is reached by cable way wagons. Return to the hotel. Free afternoon. (B).

Day 8 Flight home

Today we say goodbye to the sky mountains. Transfer to the airport and flight home.

We have provided the general offer, there is no schedule for flights and trains.

However, we change and adapt each tour individually.

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