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Day 1. Almaty

Arrival in Almaty, transfer to the hotel 3–4 *. (11:00 am — 3:00 pm) Today you will discover Almaty, until 1997 Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan, which is a beautiful, hospitable and interesting city. It is also a big economic and political center, in recent years it has become popular among tourists who want to get to know the Asian culture more closely. Almaty is rightly considered the cultural capital of the state, with 14 theaters, 2 philharmonics, 7 concert halls, 32 museums, 13 historical ensembles, as well as many monuments, architectural complexes, cinemas and other cultural institutions

Day 2. Almaty — Altyn — Emel National — Park.

In the heart of Central Asia, 250 kilometers from Almaty and south of the ridge Jungar Alatau, lies the largest national park of Kazakhstan, the Altyn-Emel. The area is 520,000 hectares and was declared on 10 April 1996 to a natural reserve on the right bank of the Ili River. This way the unique flora and fauna could be preserved. Lunch in the village Basschi and in the afternoon excursion to the Singing Dune. Accommodation in the small hotel «Aigum Kum» in the village in Basschi. (B,L,D).

Day 3. Altyn — Emel National Park

Spend the day in the national park and company hiking through the beautiful natural scenery of the Aktau and Katutau mountain ranges. These are majestic chalk mountains that are reminiscent of a lunar landscape. The reason for the amazing mountain landscape is that these mountains have risen from the seabed. They are over 400 million years old, 30 kilometers long and form an impressive natural spectacle. Lunch as a packed lunch or in the hotel.

Dinner, overnight at Hotel Aigum Kym in Basshi village. (B,L,D)

Day 4. Altyn — Emel National Park — Zharkent — Chundzha

After breakfast drive towards Zharkent (118 km). Here ended in 1882 the Russian land conquests by the Chinese. At that time, the city was located on the direct border between Russia and China, which can still be seen in numerous buildings today. Visit the old mosque and Orthodox Church, which unites elements of Chinese and Central Asian architecture in an impressive manner and was built by Chinese master builders without a single nail. Lunch in the small town Zharkent.

Continue trip to the village Chundzha.

Accommodation in a hotel by the hot springs near the village. (B,L,D)

Day 5. Saty — Kaindy Lake

After breakfast drive in the direction of the village Saty. Trip to Kaindy Lake. The lake is 2000 meters above sea level and has a length of 400 meters. In some places it is up to 30 meters deep. It was created by a large limestone landslide. The limestone slope blocked the canyon to Kaindy like an artificial dam, and rainwater gathers in the basin. In the middle of the lake are dead spruce trunks. Lunch with host family «Janara».

In the afternoon drive to Kolsai Lake (8km from the village).

Hike, return, dinner and accommodation at the inn in the village of Saty. (B,L,D)

Day 6. Saty — Almaty

This tour through a varied landscape takes almost the whole day, walk at the Canyon. For the Kazakhs this is the little brother of the Grand Canyon in America. The Charyn Canyon extends for 154 km along the river of the same name and is located about 195 km east of the capital to the border with China. Gigantic rock formations delight visitors every day. About two hours to hike and drive in the direction of Almaty.

Lunch on the way in a café and then visit the museum for the «golden man».

Return to Almaty. Night train to Turkestan (lunch included)

Day 7. Turkestan

Arrival at Turkestan at noon and trip directly from the train station to the mausoleum of Chodzha Ahmed Jassawi and Sauran. Return to the city and check in at Hotel Kanaka. (Having lunch)

Day 8 Turkestan — Aksu Jabagly Visit to the Chodzha Mausoleum Achmed Jassawi. Tour Turkestan — Arystan Bab — Otrar — Shymkent — Aksu Jabagly. Otrar — is one of the largest medieval cities of Kazakhstan, which lie in the Great Silk Road. The town no longer exists, there was Otrar to the 18th century.

Today Otrar is a major tourist spot in Kazakhstan. Since 1969, when the archaeologists have found the ruins of the ancient settlement, today, the ancient settlement of Otrar is slowly restored. Dinner and accommodation in Aksu Jabagly (B,L,D)

Day 9 Aksu-Jabagly Aksu-Jabagly — is the oldest national conservation area in Central Asia. It is located in the south of the Republic of Kazakhstan and includes the northwestern chains of the Tien Shan mountain range. The name of the nature reserve is derived from the name of the largest river of the protected area, the Aksu. In the evening transfer to Taraz. Accommodation in Hotel Jambul (B,L,D).

Day 10 Taraz

Taras (Dzhambul) a small regional center, a provincial town with a population of 300 thousand people. City Tour in Taraz, the city has many monuments and its secrets as well as the other old cities of Central Asia. Very famous are the Ajsha-Bibi Mausoleum, the Babadschi-Chatun Mausoleum and the Mausoleum of Daudbek. Overnight at Hotel Jambul (Breakfast)

Day 11 Taraz – Akyrtas

Excursion to Akyrtas. Akyrtas is a palace complex from the 8th to 9th centuries, located in the Kazakh region of Zhambyl, 45 km from the town of Taraz. Return to the hotel Jambul (breakfast).

Day 12 Taraz – Nur-Sultan

Transfer to the airport and flight to Nur-Sultan. Arrival, transfer to the hotel 3–4 *, leisure. Nur-Sultan is the new capital of the country. After Kazakhstan’s independence from the collapse of the USSR, the city and its region were renamed Aqmola in 1992 and nominated as the future capital in 1994. The River Esil divides the administrative city from the older, mostly Soviet-style, district right bank. The result is unusual, impressive and modern. (B)

Day 13 Nur-Sultan

10:00 – 16:00 City tour incl. visit of Alzhir. Today you will see Ak Orda President ’s Residence, Nurzhol Boulevard on the left bank of the Ischim River, the city’ s landmark, the Bajterek Tower by British architect Norman Foster, the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center (the world ’s largest tent, 150 m high), the opera, the natural complex Atameken and much more. The Alzhir Camp Historical Museum is located in the settlement of Akmol, where thousands of family members of state treasoners lived and died in the 1930s.

In the spring of 2007, on the commemoration day of the victims of political deportations, a special memorial was opened in the Akmol settlement — the Museum of the History of Political Deportation and Totalitarianism «Alzhir». (B)

Day 14 Flight home

Transfer to the airport. Flight home

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