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Review of our tourists
Beste Ardjan, Hopelijk alles goed met je! Met ons wel!! Wij zijn weer terug uit Kazachstan en zijn zeer voldaan (en ook nog moe!). Wat een prachtig interessant enerverend weids land. Wat hebben we veel mooie dingen gezien. We hebben écht volop genoten. Onze gids Dina was fantastisch, de chauffeur Igor reed zeer betrouwbaar en de mercedes-bus zeer effectief. We hebben meer gekregen dan wat we verwacht hadden. Alles was perfect geregeld en werd flexibel ingevuld. Ga jij vanuit Kazachstan Reizen nog een evaluatieformulier sturen en/of ben je in voor tips dan hoor ik dat graag. Voor nu bedankt. We genieten en sudderen nog een hele tijd na, verwacht ik. Vriendelijke groetenRia подробнее »

Біздің туристерді пікір
It was fantastic. The balance between trekking and having a look was achieved. The final itinerary was a good balance. Each section of Kazakhstan was unique, our local guides great, so knowledgeable and made sure our trip was fantastic. All guides were punctual, where a guide was due to be that’s where they were. The drivers were very courteous and safe and good travelling companions. The train travel great, the people so friendly. it was amazing the conversations we had with locals without any common language. The family photos and a couple of kangaroo pictures broke the ice. A storm which meant we couldn’t camp overnight caused us to sleep in pilgrims hostel at one of the underground mosques. What an amazing experience, actually on of the highlights. Tajikistan was also great, so incredibly beautiful and again the people lovely. Great guide and driver for the trip. Overall the accommodation was excellent, the standard differed in each location to match the location. The only criticism was we had too much food, so well fed. The restaurants etc great For people wanting to experience these two countries this trip was perfect. Once again thanks Steve and Penny Darwin NT подробнее »

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